World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10th each year, holds great significance as it raises global awareness about mental health issues and promotes the importance of mental well-being. This day provides a platform for open discussions on mental health, reducing stigma, and encouraging people to seek help when needed. It emphasizes that mental health is as vital as physical health and that mental illnesses are common and treatable. World Mental Health Day calls for increased support, resources, and initiatives to improve mental health services, making it a crucial moment to advocate for a world where everyone can enjoy good mental health and lead fulfilling lives.

In commemoration of World Mental Health Day in October 2023, we organized a podcast event. During this event, we conducted candid and open conversations addressing various mental health challenges that individuals encounter. These discussions delved into the prevalent stigma surrounding mental health, the importance of self-awareness to identify when one’s mental well-being is compromised, and the provision of practical, yet impactful strategies for managing mental health effectively.